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Love Test - what to expect from your love?

Are you and your partner suitably matched? Think you two can have a future together? Why not give our love test a go and find out just how compatible you and your partner really are.

When I was at school, there was a standard way of working out whether you should ask someone out on a date - the love test. The fact that I still use this method probably accounts for my disasterous love life.

Now, in this age of global warming, it's time to save the pages and pages of notepads that are being used to calculate these figures, and let the computers do the work instead. Presenting, the Love Test...

Think of any two people and type their names in the boxes below (one in each box). Then click on the "Calculate!" button to see what the odds are for a love match! We can't guarantee the accuracy of the love test... but we can guarantee it's a lot of fun!

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