How to Buy Sunglasses

Obligatory UV Lecture

No matter where and when you intend to use your sunglasses, make sure the lenses are 100% protective against UVA and UVB rays. The phrase “UV 400” means the same thing. Your lenses must protect your eyes against light rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength. All high-quality sunglasses from the major sport brands do. Some fashion sunglasses do not. Many cheap sunglasses do not. Some cheapies will sport a vague hang tag that reads something like: “UV protective” or “100% UV.” Is that UVA and UVB? Maybe not. If you have any doubt, investigate. Or, buy from a reputable manufacturer. All sunglasses reviewed on this site provide full UV protection.

Should You Buy Glass Lenses?

The acuity of top-notch glass lenses is why I say “Great sunglasses are better than reality.” When glass lenses are carefully ground and polished, they have the potential to deliver the crispest optics imaginable. Great glass lenses have an element of snap, a startling clarity, that other materials can approach but never surpass. Glass, however, is tricky stuff to work with. Unless it’s sliced really thin, it can create uncomfortably heavy shades. Polarizing film has to be sandwiched between layers of glass, which means each eye is looking through two layers of bonded glass. Such processes are costly. You’ll always pay a premium for glass.

While glass is great for street or fashion wear, if your lifestyle might include impact with foreign objects, glass isn’t a great idea. It’s susceptible to shattering. On the other hand, it’s much more resistant to scratching than any plastic lens, even if the plastic lens has a fancy coating.

Finally, just because sunglasses are glass doesn’t mean they’re great. In the hands of the masters of the craft like Maui Jim, Costa del Mar, or Smith, they probably are. But great sunglasses with plastic lenses easily surpass mediocre glass shades. If you want the brilliance of glass, be prepared to shell out for the thrill.

Do You Want Polycarbonate Lenses?

Plastic lenses for sunglasses come in several flavors, including polycarbonate (PC), CR-39, and some proprietary materials. Polycarbonate is the best choice for action sports. Sunglasses made for the military (e.g., those from Wiley X, Smith, and Oakley) are invariably made with polycarbonate (PC) lenses. In fact, any premium sunglasses made to withstand occupational hazards are made with polycarbonate. If there’s a chance of a pebble flying into your eyes, of your taking an endo, or (heaven forbid) a chance of fragments from bullet fire hitting your eyes, you want PC lenses. For mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing, volleyball, baseball, even golf, you want polycarbonate lenses.

Only polycarbonate lenses stand a chance of passing both ANSI Z-87.1 tests for impact resistance. In one test, a 25mm steel ball gets fired at a lens mounted on a face form. In the other, a pointed, 1.1-pound weight is dropped on a lens, also mounted on a face form. To pass, the lenses cannot shatter AND cannot make contact with the face form. The frame has to hold the lens in place, which means that the sunglasses must be very carefully designed and constructed. Cheap shades made from PC lenses are very unlikely to pass that latter test.

As for acuity, polycarbonate can approach the optical clarity of glass, but only when in the hands of a manufacturer with outstanding quality control. Oakley and Wiley X make great shades using PC exclusively. But cheap polycarbonate sunglasses can be dreadfully, eye-strainingly bad.

The downside of PC? Mainly its susceptibility to scratching. The best lenses receive a scratch-resistant coating that works well, but it can’t turn plastic into glass. Lousy PC lenses will scratch like crazy.

Do you want CR-39 lenses?

CR-39 is a plastic lens material that’s been around for more than 60 years. Its attributes include light weight, impact resistance, and, in the hands of quality manufacturers (say, Bollé or Costa Del Mar), outstanding optical clarity. For all those reasons, clear CR-39 is by far the most common choice for everyday prescription eyeglasses. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for sunglasses. How does it stack up to polycarbonate and glass? Far more impact-resistant than glass, but not as good as polycarbonate. More scratch-resistant than polycarbonate, but not as good as glass. But most importantly, CR-39 is not shatterproof, so it’s not your choice for action sports.

The scoop on alternative lens materials

Polycarbonate and CR-39 have lately been joined by two other excellent plastic lens materials: SR-91, a lens proprietary to Kaenon, and NXT, originally developed to provide strength and clarity for combat helicopter windshields. Here on earth, both perform capably in impact-resistance tests. Both are shatterproof.

What Are Bandeau Swimsuits

With all the available options as swimsuit season approaches, it can be hard to decide what swimsuit is best for flattering your body. It can be hard to keep track of all the available styles and what the latest trend of the summer may be.

Bandeau swimsuits are attractive and simple tops that can look very sexy on the right body type.

Bandeau literally means bands in French. That should give you an idea of what kind of top we are working with. While the length of the swimsuit varies from one piece, tankini, or bikini top, all types involve a band that goes across the chest, sometimes straight across and sometimes with shaped cups in order to better flatter the bust line.

Strictly speaking, bandeau swimsuits should be entirely strapless, but some tops that fall under this category do have a small string strap, usually in halter top fashion. This is generally just for appearances, as the main support comes from the cups of the top.

On a bikini, the bandeau is a very exposed and sexy top. In most cases it leaves the shoulders entirely bare and may show a fair amount of cleavage. It takes confidence in your swimsuit ready body to be able to wear this type of bikini comfortably, but if you can make it work for you, it is a very attractive and enticing look.

The bandeau tankini is good for women who are looking for something that is a little more modest or conceals the stomach area a little more. This style of suit allows women to show off sexy and tones shoulders and an attractive bust without having to worry about how many sit ups they’ve done that week.

The bandeau one piece is another interesting choice. This type of suit is best for women looking for something a little more modest and covering, but who still want to show off a great figure. The one piece suit will show off the lines of her body without actually revealing skin while the bandeau top cuts low and gives the suit that hint of sexiness that is often missing in one piece suits.

Whatever style of top you choose, bandeau swimsuits are worth looking at. It is a great way to show off your beach body this summer in an outfit that everyone will be talking about.

Who Should Wear Bandeau Swimsuits
Bandeau Swimsuits are not for everyone, nor for every occasion. While a bandeau swimsuit is a very attractive look on many women, there are a few things the smart swimsuit shopper should keep in mind before making her decision.

The first thing to note is that, while attractive, the bandeau top does not offer much support. This means it may not be right for you if you are planning on engaging in much physical activity, including jogging, volleyball, and possibly even swimming. If you are at the pool or the beach in your bandeau and don’t want to be left out of the physical activity, be sure to check that your suit is snug first to prevent any embarrassing incidents.

Women who have larger than a B cup may also want to avoid this style. While it is flashy and compliments cleavage, these suits traditionally have no underwire and therefore do not offer much support. Women with a larger breast size may feel uncomfortable and considerably less supported than they may have wished with a bandeau and may want to consider a halter top style instead.

Bandeau swimsuits are excellent for women with smaller chest sizes, as they emphasize the chest and make it appear more prominent. Those who are particularly flat chested should avoid the straight banded bandeau suits in favor of a more shaped style. A broach-style pin or a ring in between the cups can draw greater attention and be even more flattering in this style of suit.

Bandeau suits are also great for sunbathing. We have all experienced the difficulties of odd tan lines with other bathing suits. Since there are traditionally no straps on a bandeau top, you are left with no awkward lines after a day at the beach. Whether you were there specifically to work on your tan or just happened to get one after your day out, you will feel much more comfortable and look great in your other clothes with a bandeau tan line. If you wear many low cut shirts, you may also want to make sure your bandeau top is low enough to properly tan the area.

Women’s Summer Fashion Wear

The recession having its terrible eyes at the clients has led numerous folks to deal carefully with the existing conditions. People are greater into saving cash than spending on steeply-priced things. Fashion human beings are taking this as a challenge. Even the ladies who’re maximum keen on it are all into buying apparel and add-ons which aren’t best much less priced however undergo experience of beauty as she contains it off among a crowd of human beings. With the bloodless eyes of recession starting off and sparkling summer time season skies placing in we’re leaping into style put on which can be latest and pretty. Summer style put on defines the season itself.

They are extraordinary but a lot in vogue. There are a few fundamental developments of summer time season style and you will simply be surprised at how they prevent from the sizzling warmness of the sun, now no longer having to compromise on fashion. Here are a few critical summer time season style traits for ladies noted below. Mid or brief duration mild cotton skirts are in vogue. The gentle material is straightforward to hold and ladies appearance extremely good in colourful revealed skirts paired with gentle material balloon tops or shirts.

Muslin and voile also are the material of the season. Sleeveless huge neck cotton tops are the nice fashion assertion for the summer time season. They permit air to go into the frame retaining it sparkling and rendering tons consolation on sweaty days. Avoid sporting frame hugging clothes in summer time season. They hold to the frame and motive irritable conditions in the end main to a mess. Look snug but latest. Cotton is anyways the maximum desired material of the sunny days. Glimmer fabric are strictly prevented to shun the ones itchy evenings on a summer time season date.

Why put on blanketed shoes, if you have the alternatives to put on mild slippers. I imply that is the nice manner to overcome the sun, whilst you’re out. Protect your scalp from the immoderate warmness through sporting hats. They are available in cute shapes and colors. Women are picky approximately hats. A cool get dressed paired with a extremely good hat is going great with the lady. 100% UV blanketed glares are the select out of the season. Branded glares are a lot in style. Lenses are available in extraordinary shades, grey, blue and brown being desired the maximum.

Wear mild coloured trousers to workplace and for different formal purposes. Be snug but appearance sensational in workplace. These are a few very not unusualplace style developments of the summer time season season. Go comply with them.